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Saudi Student at University of Wisconsin Fatally Beaten

Cops aren't sure why he was attacked

(Newser) - The University of Wisconsin-Stout has been shaken by the killing of a student from Saudi Arabia in a possible hate crime. Police say Hussain Saeed Alnahdi, 24, was attacked and beaten at around 2am Sunday near a pizza restaurant in downtown Menomonie by an attacker described only as a white... More »

Anti-Muslim Hatred Blamed for Christian Man’s Death

Tulsa's Vernon Majors charged with murder

(Newser) - The family of an Oklahoma man allegedly gunned down by his next-door neighbor is demanding to know why the suspect had been released from jail before the shooting—where he had been awaiting trial in a brutal hit-and-run that nearly killed the victim’s mother, the Washington Post r eports.... More »

Louisiana Cops Now Covered by Hate Crime Law

'Blue Lives Matter' law is nation's first

(Newser) - Targeting a police officer, firefighter, or EMT in Louisiana is now considered a hate crime. On Thursday Gov. John Bel Edwards signed a "Blue Lives Matter" bill that made the state the first to add those professions to race, ethnicity, religion, and other areas traditionally covered by hate crime... More »

SC Shooting Suspect IDed, Told Victims 'I Have to Do It'

If Dylann Roof's the shooter, 'he's got to pay for this': man claiming to be his uncle

(Newser) - The FBI has identified the suspect in the Charleston church shootings as Dylann Roof, a 21-year-old with an arrest record, the Post and Courier reports. According to the SC Law Enforcement Division: Roof was jailed March 1 on a drug charge and on April 26 after being accused of trespassing.... More »

Amish Beard-Cutters Guilty of Hate Crimes

Bishop Sam Mullet, 15 followers face 10 years in prison for attacks

(Newser) - Prosecutors got convictions today in one of the most unusual hate-crime cases on record. An Ohio jury found an ultra-conservative Amish bishop and 15 of his followers guilty of forcibly shaving the beards and hair of their Amish enemies, reports the Cleveland Plain Dealer . In one case, the assailants shaved... More »

Theft of 'Vote Satan' Sign a Hate Crime, Couple Says

Police, neighbors think it's not such a big deal

(Newser) - Sometimes being a Satanist can be a hell of a burden. That's what Luigi and Angie Bellaviste have discovered after someone stole their "Vote Satan" sign from their Colorado front porch—an act they'd like to be considered a hate crime. But police aren't biting, reports... More »

Tulsa Suspects Charged With Murder, Hate Crimes

Victims targeted because they were black, say prosecutors

(Newser) - Two men accused of going on a shooting spree that terrorized the predominantly black north side of Tulsa face murder and hate crime charges. Jake England, 19, and his roommate, Alvin Watts, 33, each were charged today with three counts of first-degree murder, two counts of shooting with intent to... More »

Hate Crime Laws Are Overkill

Dharun Ravi doesn't deserve 10 years in prison, Emily Bazelon argues

(Newser) - Dharun Ravi definitely acted illegally by spying on roommate Tyler Clementi and broadcasting it over Twitter. But the punishment he faces—up to 10 years in prison—is "out of whack … for a 20-year-old who'd never been in legal trouble before," argues Emily Bazelon in the... More »

Ravi Found Guilty in Gay Spycam Case

Rutgers student may be deported to India in Tyler Clementi case

(Newser) - A jury convicted ex-Rutgers student Dharun Ravi of hate crimes and other offenses today for using a webcam to record and distribute video that outed his roommate, Tyler Clementi, as gay. After three days of deliberations, the jury found Ravi guilty of bias intimidation and invasion of privacy for making... More »

NYPD Questions Suspect in Firebombings

Cops think he hit store that caught him shoplifting

(Newser) - New York detectives questioned a man today about the firebombing of an Islamic cultural center and three other sites, attacks they said might turn out to be hate crimes. The man was tracked through a car with Virginia license plates that was believed to be at the scene of at... More »

LGBT Hate Crimes Rise 13%

And 2010 saw second-highest number of murders

(Newser) - Despite recent breakthroughs in the fight for gay rights , violent hate crimes against the LGBT community are on the rise. Such crimes (committed against people because of their sexual orientation, gender identity, or HIV positive status) were up 13% last year over 2009, according to the National Coalition of Anti-Violence... More »

Cross Burned Next to Black Family's California Home

FBI joins in on hate crime probe

(Newser) - Neighbors are reeling after a large cross was burned in a lot next to the home of a black family in a mostly white California community. The 11-foot cross was stolen from a church in Arroyo Grande near San Luis Obispo. "I was horrified," said a local minister.... More »

Swastika Case First to Use Hate-Crimes Law

NM defendants face 10 years to life for branding Navajo man

(Newser) - Three off-duty McDonald's workers accused of burning a swastika into the skin of a mentally disabled customer with a hot coat hanger will be charged under new hate crimes legislation, the AP reports. Under the 2009 Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act, the defendants could face... More »

NYPD Charges 9 in Gay Torture

Cops say gang beat, sodomized man, 2 teens in empty house

(Newser) - A loose-knit gang lured a 30-year-old man to a vacant Bronx house last Sunday night, ostensibly for a party. Instead, police say, they tortured and sodomized him for hours, forced him to consume vast quantities of alcohol, then robbed his house—because he was gay. Police have charged nine in... More »

Clementi Death Ignites Gay Outrage

Celebs preach hope to gay teens, urge tolerance

(Newser) - Just as Matthew Shepard once triggered a groundswell, Tyler Clementi is now a rallying cry for tolerance in the gay community, with celebrities and activists alike denouncing hate crimes and telling gay teens to just hang in there. "Things will get easier; people's minds will change," says a... More »

Swastika Branded On Mentally Challenged Victim

NM trio face hate crime charges

(Newser) - Three men in New Mexico will be charged with a hate crime for burning a swastika into the arm of a mentally-challenged man, say prosecutors. The attackers, between the ages of 24 and 28, already face kidnapping, aggravated battery and other felony charges, but prosecutors have vowed to pursue additional... More »

Hate-Crime Wave Is Just Lefty Fakery

Past incidents overblown at best, duplicitous at worst

(Newser) - Reports of political hate crimes against Democrats since the passage of the health care reform bill are overblown at best, and downright lies at worst, Michelle Malkin writes, charging that Nancy Pelosi & Co. “can’t stand the heat” and so manufactured “a Tea Party epidemic of racism,... More »

Students Busted for Cotton Balls Outside Black Center

(Newser) - Felonious distribution of cotton balls has led to the arrest of two University of Missouri students. The two perps, Sean D Fitzgerald, 19, and Zachary E. Tucker, 21, were arrested around 7:30 pm Tuesday after the cotton balls in question were scattered outside the campus's Black Culture Center in... More »

Dems Chip Away at Agenda, One Bill at a Time

GOP keeps its eye on the prize, lets smaller bills sail through

(Newser) - Health care reform may not be sailing through Congress, but a wave of smaller bills that Democrats have been eying for years have done so under President Obama—in most cases without much fanfare or objection. Republicans, focused on bigger fish, are giving a pass to legislation they once forcefully... More »

Hate-Crime Law Marks Fork in Road for Obama

Are more equality measures on the way, or is this the token?

(Newser) - President Obama today signed a bill extending hate-crime protection to homosexuals, a victory for equality advocates after more than a decade of pushing for such a law. But, Chris Geidner wonders, will this open the floodgates for more action—eliminating Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, for instance—or will... More »

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