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First Assassination Since Arab Spring Rattles Tunisia

Opposition leader Chokri Belaid shot outside home

(Newser) - A Tunisian opposition leader was shot and killed outside his home today, in the nation's first assassination since the Arab Spring. Chokri Belaid, among the leaders of the leftist Popular Front coalition, was outspoken against the Ennahda party, which leads the country as part of a three-party coalition, the... More »

Iran Reportedly Jails Mousavi

Tehran formally detains opposition leaders, wives

(Newser) - Iran is cracking down on its opposition today, jailing prominent leaders Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karoubi, reports the AP. The pair and their wives were arrested and taken to Tehran's Heshmatiyeh jail, according to reformist website Kaleme.com. The two have been under house arrest for two weeks for... More »

Iran Censors, Slows Internet to Quash Protests

Text messaging and mobile service also slowed, blocked

(Newser) - With the Iranian opposition staging a fresh wave of protests in the wake of the Egyptian and Tunisian uprisings, authorities have stepped up a campaign to slow and censor the Internet to sabotage protesters' communication, according to Reporters Without Borders . Broadband service has slowed in major cities, a phenomenon noticed... More »

Opposition to Rule Kyrgyzstan for 6 Months

Military supports interim government; calm returns to streets

(Newser) - An opposition coalition proclaimed a new interim government today in Kyrgyzstan and said it would rule until elections are held in six months. It also urged the president, who has fled the capital, to resign. The new interim defense minister said the armed forces have joined the opposition and will... More »

McCain Morphs Into Chief Obama Foe

Graham calls Arizona senator 'de facto leader of the Republican Party'

(Newser) - John McCain has made the transformation from possible Obama ally to a full-blooded Republican partisan, though insiders aren’t quite sure why. Some see his vocal opposition to the Obama administration’s policies as a concession to the realities of next year’s election, where he may face a challenge... More »

GOP Base United Vs. Obama, Little Else

For most, leadership is ineffective, or nonexistent

(Newser) - A lot of strong opinions are swirling around the Republican base, but none of them appear to point a way forward for the fractured party. GOP voters and GOP-leaning independents polled are united in their distrust of—even anger at—the Obama administration and Democrats in Congress. But second in... More »

Fox Ain't News, It's 'the Opposition Party'

Other media outlets need to highlight 'propaganda:' Boehlert

(Newser) - “Fox News has exited the journalism community this year,” Eric Boehlert writes. “It's a purely political player,” which would be all well and good if other media outlets would just report that. As it stands, Fox goes happily about its “propaganda” while hiding behind the... More »

7 Stories