Snow Leopard

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Chinese Duo Get 10 Years for Stoning Snow Leopard

Big Cat was attacking their sheep

(Newser) - A pair of Chinese herdsmen who trapped and stoned to death a rare snow leopard for attacking their sheep have been sentenced to up to ten years in prison. Wildlife officials estimate that only 4,000 snow leopards exist. They live in the rocky mountains in central and southern Asia.... More »

Gap Narrows, But Macs Still Beat PCs

Performance and price gaps close but Mac is still value

(Newser) - With Windows 7 and Mac’s Snow Leopard operating systems both available, it’s time for Walter S. Mossberg to drop some science on the arduous task of picking a computer. Things aren’t too different this time around: Macs are still more expensive, though “prices on Windows PCs... More »

Apple's Snow Leopard Devouring Data

Logging onto guest accounts can cause massive data loss

(Newser) - A rare but extremely damaging bug is causing users of Apple's Snow Leopard operating system to lose huge amounts of data. Apple says it's working on a fix for the bug. The glitch wipes out personal data for users who have upgraded from Leopard to Snow Leopard and log on... More »

3 Stories