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There's Another Food No-No for Pregnant Women

A sweetener in licorice might affect cognitive function in children

(Newser) - Wine, sushi, deli meat ... licorice? Perhaps. A new study suggests that licorice consumed during pregnancy could detrimentally affect a woman's offspring. Researchers in Finland say the culprit is glycyrrhizin, a tongue-twister of a sweetener that naturally occurs in the licorice plant and is also added to teas and herbal... More »

Black Licorice Recalled Over Lead Levels

'Red Vines' product in question

(Newser) - Officials are warning consumers against eating black licorice candy produced by a California company because it contains high levels of lead. The California Department of Public Health issued the warning yesterday against 16-ounce bags of Red Vines Black Licorice Twists with the label "Best Before 020413." The manufacturer,... More »

FDA Warns of Black Licorice OD

Munching too much can lead to heart trouble

(Newser) - Parents raiding their kids' Halloween leftovers beware: The Food and Drug Administration says eating too much black licorice can cause heart problems, especially in people over 40, ABC reports. The treat contains a compound called glycyrrhizin, which, when consumed in large quantities, can cause potassium levels to drop, triggering abnormal... More »

Peonies: The New Saving Grace for Chemo Patients?

Together with licorice, peonies ease nausea, cramps

(Newser) - A new drug could help ease the suffering of chemo patients, and it’s made up of some pretty humble ingredients: Peony flowers, licorice, and the extracts of dates and skullcap plants. If that sounds more like a home remedy than a drug, that’s because it is. Researchers at... More »

11 Anti-Aphrodisiac Foods

Corn Flakes isn't the only bland creation aimed to curb our sex drive

(Newser) - Like sex itself, aphrodisiacs are an eternally popular subject. But what about anti-aphrodisiacs (more properly known as anaphrodisiacs)? Among the top sexual depressants, per 11 Points:
  • Corn Flakes. John Harvey Kellogg was a proponent of abstinence and invented Corn Flakes in the belief that a bland, meatless breakfast would calm
... More »

5 Stories