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Rich Donor Aims to Oust Climate Change Skeptics

Billionaire Tom Steyer plans $100M push in seven states

(Newser) - He is an environmental activist who also happens to be a billionaire, and Tom Steyer plans to bankroll efforts to keep Republican "science-deniers" out of office, reports CNN . The retired hedge fund manager is donating $50 million to the NextGen Climate super PAC, and the group plans to raise... More »

Obama Scared to Show His Face in ... San Francisco?

Crazy left has made it ugly for Dems before

(Newser) - Given the adoring crowds he’s attracted in, say, Berlin, one would think President Obama would have a number of public appearances scheduled during a quick jaunt to San Francisco beginning tomorrow. But evidently, his staff is so worried about rabid lefties that Obama’s just dropping in for an... More »

2 Stories