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Chemicals Used on Oil Spill Pose New Hazards

Less oil reaches shore, but toxins remain in the water

(Newser) - BP has begun using huge amounts of chemical dispersants to contain the oil slick that has tripled in only a day and is now the size of Puerto Rico. (AP has more on the growing size here .) And while those chemicals—being used above and below the surface—will... More »

To Cut Snowplow Bill, Moscow Monkeys With Weather

If we make snow fall elsewhere, mayor reasons, there will be less snow

(Newser) - Moscow's neighbors are steaming over a cost-cutting proposal by the mayor to make less snow fall in the city—which would mean more precipitation in the surrounding region. Liquid nitrogen, cement particles, and other substances kill clouds in the summer, and Yury Luzhkov wants to control the weather year-round, reports... More »

2 Stories