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Israel's New Unity Government Collapses

Draft dispute leads to dissolution

(Newser) - The unity government formed scarcely more than two months ago in Israel has already dissolved, thanks to a disagreement over a proposed universal draft law. The coalition has been trying for weeks to figure out how to draft more Arab citizens and ultra-Orthodox Jews, the New York Times reports. A... More »

Protests Erupt as Hezbollah Picks Lebanese PM

Najib MIqati to form new government

(Newser) - Hezbollah's chosen candidate has won enough support to be appointed as Lebanon's new prime minister, sparking angry protests across the country and warnings of chaos to come. The government Najib Miqati forms may end up strongly resembling previous governments, but the symbolism of Hezbollah, once a shadowy militant group, picking... More »

As Unrest Continues, Tunisia Plans Unity Government

Army, presidential guard in gun battle

(Newser) - Tunisian leaders plan to announce a new unity government today following the ousting of President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, the Daily Telegraph reports. It will include ministers from the former leadership and opposition as well as independents, said an opposition leader. Prime Minister Mohammed Ghannouchi will remain, with presidential... More »

Hezbollah Threatens to Break Lebanese Government

Tribunal's upcoming indictments in Hariri assassination spark turmoil

(Newser) - Hezbollah is threatening to withdraw from Lebanon’s uneasy unity government, collapsing it and plunging the country into its worst political crisis since 2008. A government official tells the New York Times that 11 of the country’s 30 cabinet members will resign today, complaining that the cabinet hasn’t... More »

Tsvangirai Boycotts Unity Government in Zimbabwe

But he's not pulling out of the coalition just yet

(Newser) - Zimbabwe PM Morgan Tsvangirai’s party will boycott Cabinet meetings and cut off communication with president Robert Mugabe’s ZANU-PF, theoretically its partner in government. The move accompanies growing anger among members of Tsvangirai’s MDC over Mugabe’s strong-arm tactics and the jailing of a Cabinet minister-designate, the New ... More »

5 Stories