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This Flu Season Is a Doozy

Across the country, many are under the weather

(Newser) - As predicted , this year's flu season is already a doozy: It features a more severe strain, it started earlier, it's hitting more people, and it has affected a wider swath of the country than usual, USA Today reports. Flu season started earlier this year than it has... More »

Coming Soon: Universal Flu Vaccine

Drug is successfully tested on humans for the first time

(Newser) - Soon, you may be able to forget about getting a flu shot each year—because just one jab could cover you for all strains of the illness. Oxford University scientists tested a universal flu vaccine on humans for the first time, and found it to be successful, the Guardian reports.... More »

Swine Flu Killed 17K Americans: CDC

Total lower than usual, but victims skew younger

(Newser) - The H1N1 pandemic has been less deadly than a normal flu season, but the infection has claimed the lives of far younger victims, the CDC announced today. The outbreak killed 17,000 Americans, far less than the 36,000 who die during an average flu season. But in a normal... More »

Thank You, Swine Flu: Seasonal Version No Big Deal

History, and this past spring, show novel strains 'crowd out' normal ones

(Newser) - A perfect storm of factors related to the swine flu pandemic have many experts predicting the usual seasonal flu viruses will be no-shows this season. First off, the rush for H1N1 vaccinations saw many patients being vaccinated for the seasonal varieties as well. And then there’s “crowding out,... More »

Drugstore Sorry After Clerk Scares Child With Flu

Employee refuses to serve boy with with mask: 'I'm not dying'

(Newser) - A New Hampshire drugstore has apologized to a customer after a pharmacy clerk enacted her own quarantine. Scott Sullivan’s 12-year-old son was told he probably had the flu by a doctor, who gave him a paper mask because he was coughing. At a local Walgreens, the clerk took one... More »

Shortage of Seasonal Flu Vaccine Looms

Supplies running low, manufacturers can't make more

(Newser) - Severe shortages of seasonal flu vaccines are expected across the country in coming weeks as supplies run short amid increasing demand. Manufacturers have committed their production to making H1N1 vaccines and lack the capacity to make any more seasonal flu vaccines this year. The director of the CDC told lawmakers... More »

Vaccine Delay Aggravates Swine Flu Fears

Uncertainty of supply makes scheduling immunization clinics tough

(Newser) - Production delays that are slowing the distribution of the H1N1 flu vaccine could hardly have come at a worse time, with the death toll in young people mounting and antivaccine activists seizing on any chance to make their position heard. Experts point out that the H1N1 version uses the same... More »

7 Stories