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Hockney Painting May Make History

1972 work poised to become priciest artwork by a living artist sold at auction

(Newser) - In May, British painter David Hockney more than doubled his previous auction record with the $28.5 million sale of 1990's "Pacific Coast Highway and Santa Monica," per the BBC . Now, one of his most recognizable paintings could fetch nearly three times as much, reports CNN . In... More »

Experts: We're Close to Finding Lost Da Vinci

Probers convinced Battle of Anghiari is hidden behind other painting in Florence

(Newser) - Indefatigable art experts believed they've discovered the location of a long-sought Leonardo Da Vinci masterpiece hidden behind another painting in Florence. A California team searching for the masterpiece Battle of Anghiari are convinced it's painted on a wall of the Palazzo Vecchio—behind another painting by Giorgio Vasari.... More »

'Sister' Mona Lisa Found

Experts believe copy was painted by artist working alongside da Vinci

(Newser) - A stunning art find means that we can now see what Mona Lisa really looked like, say experts at Madrid's Prado Museum. The museum's researchers found that a painting in its vaults long thought to have been just one of dozens of replicas of Leonardo da Vinci's... More »

Tripping Visitor Rips Met Picasso

Museum repairing 6-inch tear

(Newser) - Manhattan's Metropolitan Museum of Art has removed a $130 million Picasso painting for repair after it was damaged when a visitor tripped and fell into the masterpiece. The accident resulted in a 6-inch tear in a corner of the 1904 painting "The Actor." Repairs are expected to be... More »

Fresco Clue Launches Hunt for Lost Da Vinci

Artist's greatest work may be hidden behind palace fresco

(Newser) - Like a mystery straight from the Da Vinci Code, an Italian palace fresco harbors a clue pointing to the existence of a hidden masterpiece, claims an art expert. Now Italian professor Maurizio Seracini has been granted permission to seek the painting considered Leonardo da Vinci's greatest work. Seracini believes the... More »

5 Stories