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US Senator Helps Voter— With Kegstand

Mary Landrieu is there for you when you need her

(Newser) - Mary Landrieu is a three-term United States senator, a member of one of Louisiana's political dynasties, and one of the more vulnerable Democrats facing re-election in November. She's also got your back if you're doing a kegstand. That's what one tailgater found out when Landrieu made... More »

Tailgating: The New Picnic

No more lounging in a meadow—we picnic in parking lots now

(Newser) - The good old-fashioned picnic—a blanket, a thermos, the countryside—is a thing of the past. Its replacement: Tailgating, “jammed together, on asphalt, amid exhaust fumes and exhausting vulgarities,” writes Frank Deford for NPR. This new American tradition “crosses all ethnic, racial, and religious lines. You just... More »

2 Stories