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Baseball Blogger Raises $9K to Cover Spring Training

'Nats Insider' to offer exclusive content to contributors

(Newser) - When the Washington Times eliminated its sports section at the end of 2009, former reporter Mark Zuckerman thought his readers still wanted a source for coverage of the Washington Nationals—and how. The now-baseball blogger raised more than $9,000 from readers eager to help him cover the cost of... More »

Blame Sosa's New Look on 'Cleansing': Pal

Despite lightened skin, 'he's not trying to be Michael Jackson'

(Newser) - Retired slugger Sammy Sosa comes off as a bit vain, but he isn't bleaching his skin or "trying to be Michael Jackson," a friend says of the photos that took the sports blogosphere by storm last week. "He can't believe it is such a big deal."... More »

Yes, This Is Sammy Sosa

Blogosphere abuzz, but no word what's up with ex-slugger

(Newser) - The sports blogosphere is abuzz over some new photographs of Sammy Sosa in which the former performance-enhanced Chicago Cubs star looks much, much lighter-skinned than we’re used to. Seems nobody’s been able to reach Sosa yet, and nothing in the captions of photos from Tuesday’s event in... More »

Bigger Jerk Than Phillips? Deadspin's AJ Daulerio

Throws whatever ties site had to journalism out window in vendetta vs. ESPN

(Newser) - In the shadows of the Steve Phillips controversy is the reaction at Deadspin, where editor AJ Daulerio, having missed out on the scoop, appears to emptied his in-box in airing years’ worth of anonymous tips about ESPN’s seamy side. That, in turn, got its own reaction from the sports... More »

4 Stories