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Blue Dog Dems Ousted in Pennsylvania

Redistricting leads to primary losses for Holden, Altmire

(Newser) - Conservative, "Blue Dog" Democrats became even more of an endangered species after a pair of primary defeats in Pennsylvania Tuesday. Rep. Tim Holden—the dean of the state's Congressional delegation—was defeated in a redrawn district by lawyer Matt Cartwright, who attacked Holden for voting against ObamaCare, the... More »

Most of 34 Dem No-Voters Likely to Escape Payback

Only 3 health reform naysayers face serious primary challengers

(Newser) - Despite all the criticism labor groups and liberals lobbed at them after the House health care reform vote, most of the 34 Democrats who voted no actually don't have to worry about their own party's fury. In many cases it's too late to launch a feasible challenge to incumbents; in... More »

Moderate Dems Fret Over Obama Attacks on Fox

...and worry picking fight with Chamber of Commerce will backfire

(Newser) - Moderate Democrats are nervous about the Obama administration’s efforts to marginalize tough critics like Fox News. “It’s a mistake,” Pennsylvania Rep. Jason Altmire tells Politico. “I think it’s beneath the White House to get into a tit for tat with news organizations.” And... More »

3 Stories