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What to Drink on Thanksgiving

Forget the white wine and try something interesting this year

(Newser) - Thanksgiving is all about eating the same old thing, but do we have to drink the same old thing, too? Salon asked a variety of chefs, sommeliers, and foodies for alternatives to that boring old bottle of wine. Some suggestions:
  • A rose champagne cocktail with cranberry juice, sloe gin, and
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'White Wine With Seafood' Rule Is No Fish Story

High-iron reds make a poor accompaniment, scientists confirm

(Newser) - Researchers conducting intensely necessary studies have confirmed what connoisseurs have always told us: Red wine doesn’t go with fish. Tasters tried 38 red wines and 26 whites while noshing on scallops. They discovered that wines with higher iron content—meaning most reds—unpleasantly accentuated the seafood's “fishy” taste.... More »

2 Stories