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Cub Reporter Who Scooped Start of WWII Dies at 105

Clare Hollingworth had been on the job less than a week when she saw Germans on Poland's border

(Newser) - A young reporter for the Daily Telegraph was journeying from Poland to Germany in August 1939 when she spotted what would turn out to be the "scoop of the century": German troops huddled along the border, per the BBC . Adolf Hitler invaded Poland on Sept. 1, 1939 , jump-starting World... More »

Ex-Hostage: Syria Rebels Are 'Bandits,' Fanatics

After 5 months captive, says US strike would only make them stronger

(Newser) - An Italian war reporter held hostage for five months by rebel forces in Syria has written a damning denunciation of the anti-Assad movement. "It is not the revolution that I encountered two years ago in Aleppo—secular, tolerant. It has become something else," Domenico Quirico wrote in his... More »

US Journalist Missing in Syria

James Foley's family issues statement after kidnapping

(Newser) - An American journalist has been missing in Syria since he was kidnapped more than one month ago, his family said today, less than two years after he was held by government forces in Libya while covering that country's civil war. The family of James Foley, of Rochester, NH, said... More »

AP Apologizes for Firing Reporter Over WWII Scoop

Ed Kennedy gets vindication, posthumously

(Newser) - As war scoops go, it was as big as they get: The AP's Ed Kennedy filed a story in May of 1945 saying, correctly, that Germany had surrendered. His reward? He got fired because he ignored what he thought was a misguided embargo. Nearly 70 years later, the news... More »

Syria Deliberately Targeted Journalists

Army doesn't want the story to get out

(Newser) - Syrian troops had vowed to shoot to kill Western reporters when an American and French journalist were targeted yesterday, according to sources. Troops pledged to "kill any journalist who set foot on Syrian soil," the press was warned, reports the Telegraph . Marie Colvin, 56, and French photographer Remi... More »

Media Can Kiss Military Access Goodbye

Generals will be weary of reporters

(Newser) - Journalists are going to have a much tougher job covering the war in Afghanistan in the wake of Stanley McChrystal's Rolling Stone debacle, senior National Journal correspondent James Kitfield predicts today. "There will be no embeds in Afghanistan in higher headquarters for quite a while," he tells NPR... More »

Iraq, Afghan War Reporter Said to Be a Spy

... or so Gawker thinks

(Newser) - A war correspondent whose rescues in the Mideast have cost several lives is a spy for Washington, Gawker claims, declining to name names or reveal, for "blazingly obvious reasons," the sources for this report, except to say that they are current and former special forces troops. "We... More »

7 Stories