Jamie McCourt

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Frank McCourt Selling the Dodgers

Owner, MLB agree to auction

(Newser) - Frank McCourt will auction off the Dodgers, marking an end to a particularly turbulent season that included a high-profile beating , a lawsuit related to the beating, a near-takeover by Major League Baseball, and a bankruptcy filing —not to mention a disappointing record and less-than-stellar ticket sales. McCourt and the... More »

Bud Selig Scuttles Dodgers' TV Deal, McCourt Divorce

But MLB doesn't move to seize woeful team

(Newser) - Major League Baseball commissioner Bud Selig gave Dodgers' owner Frank McCourt a major league headache today after putting the kibosh on a proposed TV deal between the Dodgers and Fox—and simultaneously squashing McCourt's divorce deal from Jamie McCourt. Selig said the deal was "structured to facilitate the... More »

Dodgers Hired Russian 'Healer' to Boost Wins

Russian immigrant sent positive energy to team

(Newser) - Whenever the Dodgers stepped up to bat during their'08 National League West-winning season, a Russian emigre scientist watching the game on TV at his Massachusetts home sent mental waves of positive energy their way. Perhaps the strangest detail to emerge in the bitter divorce proceedings of Dodgers owners Frank and... More »

3 Stories