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How Cancer Spreads: Cells 'Chase and Run'

Study may lead to treatment that can halt cancer's spread

(Newser) - Scientists have figured out how cancer metastasizes, and they think the findings could help develop drugs to halt the disease's spread, the Telegraph reports. The study, published in Nature Cell Biology , describes a phenomenon researchers call "chase and run," in which cancer cells and healthy cells follow... More »

Chemotherapy Can Actually Help ... Cancer Cells

Treatment can backfire, new study finds

(Newser) - Chemotherapy can actually help cancer cells grow, a new study finds. Researchers were investigating why cancer cells, which are easy to kill in a lab setting, are so difficult to kill inside the human body, often reacting positively to chemo at first, only to quickly grow back and resist further... More »

'Holy Grail' of Cancer Treatment May Have Arrived

Doctors excited about 'huge' new clinical trial

(Newser) - Dramatic results from a new cancer treatment trial are being called "a huge accomplishment—huge," and could mean a breakthrough in treating a common type of leukemia and potentially a range of other cancers. University of Pennsylvania scientists basically turned patients' T cells into leukemia-killing machines by modifying... More »

How Nanodiamonds Can Boost Cancer Drugs

New research shows the particles make drugs more effective

(Newser) - Cancer treatment could get a boost thanks to nanodiamonds, small carbon-based particles whose shape is similar to diamonds. Chemotherapy drugs often become ineffective, because cancer cells spit them out of cells too quickly. But by attaching anticancer drugs to nanodiamonds, the cancer cells are thwarted because they're unable to pump... More »

New Breast Cancer Drug Hails From Briny Deep

Natural drug discovery on the decline

(Newser) - Halaven, the new breast cancer drug the FDA approved in November, has an origin that’s rare in today’s pharmaceutical industry: It’s natural. Halaven is derived from halichondrin B, a chemical found in a species of black sponge that lives off the coast of Japan, the Wall Street ... More »

New Vaccine May Cure Skin Cancer

Offers hope in fighting deadly melanoma

(Newser) - A new vaccine being tested in the UK may offer hope to patients suffering from the deadliest form of skin cancer. The drug, which attacks tumor cells and boosts the body's response to skin cancer without affecting healthy cells, appears to cure advanced melanoma in some patients. In a study... More »

'Potentially Huge' Treatment Blocks Cancer at Gene Level

New technique snips messenger RNA in half

(Newser) - Scientists think they are onto a "potentially huge" breakthrough in the fight against cancer after successfully blocking cancer cells on a genetic level for the first time in humans. In clinical trials on cancer patients, the "game-changing" form of genetic therapy snipped in half the messenger RNA inside... More »

7 Stories