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Could Hibernation Lead Us to Alzheimer's Drug?

Study offers possibility of finding drugs that could have same effect as body cooling

(Newser) - During hibernation, animals like bears and mice lose as much as 30% of their synapses as the creatures cool; but those brain connections are recreated when they wake back up however many weeks or months later. Synapses are similarly lost (but, of course, not reformed) in the brains of Alzheimer'... More »

Dead Yale Prof Linked to Escort Services

Sam See had a presence on at least 4 escort sites

(Newser) - A Yale professor who was arrested last weekend and died in his jail cell apparently led a secret life on at least four male escort websites, the New Haven Register reports. Samuel See, 34—who was considered a gifted English prof at Yale—had his phone number listed on all... More »

Curry Spice Kills Cancer Cells

Chemicals in turmeric turn cancerous cells on themselves

(Newser) - Curcumin, a compound present in that yellow curry spice turmeric, has been shown to kill cancer cells. A new study found that the chemical, which has long been thought to have curative properties, begins to kill esophageal cancer cells within 24 hours of application. The reaction also causes the cells... More »

3 Stories