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Woman Denied Swiss Passport for Being 'Annoying'

Nancy Holten meets all legal requirements

(Newser) - A vocal vegan in Switzerland seems to have voiced her discontent with certain Swiss traditions too many times. Nancy Holten was born in the Netherlands but has lived in Switzerland since she was 8; she'd like to gain Swiss citizenship, which her children have, but despite meeting all legal... More »

We Hate Animal Cruelty—Unless We're Eating the Animal

Pets, not farm animals, get all our respect

(Newser) - In America, a 19-year-old can be arrested for killing a hamster —yet we are allowed to inflict great cruelty on animals kept, not as pets, but for food. That’s because of state laws called “Common Farming Exemptions” that allow the industry, instead of lawmakers, to basically define... More »

You Not Only Can Eat New Veal, You Should

Pasture-raised version of other, other white meat draws new fans

(Newser) - Some conscientious objectors to eating veal are not only reconsidering their stance, they are doing an about-face. The new hot product at top restaurants is “humanely raised” veal—calves no longer wrenched from their mothers and raised in cages, but brought to slaughter after an idyllic, if short, life... More »

3 Stories