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T-Mobile May Beat Verizon to iPhone

Verizon's alliance with Google an obstacle for Apple

(Newser) - Competition from Google's Droid platform may stall the Verizon-Apple marriage, meaning the iPhone will wind up branching out to T-Mobile first. With AT&T's exclusive deal near an end, furious speculation about which provider will be the next to offer Apple's signature device has focused on Verizon. But two industry... More »

Best Tech Ideas of 2009

Clutter-free web pages and personal hotspots makes the list

(Newser) - The year's "single best tech idea" is a simple trick that makes reading web pages a lot easier, writes David Pogue in the New York Times . Called Readability, "it's a free button for your web browser's toolbar." Click it, and it "eliminates everything from the web... More »

Verizon Unveils Droid Smartphone

All looks promising, but some think OS is still no match for iPhone

(Newser) - Verizon's Droid smartphone—built by Motorola and powered by Google's Android—goes on sale Nov. 6 for $200. Some early opinions on the iPhone challenger:
  • The phone is "almost not worth writing about," notes Chris Dannen in Fast Company . It's "fine" but "doesn't advance" the Android
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3 Stories