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Health Risks Predicted in 'Loneliness Epidemic'

BYU researchers say isolation affects mortality as much as obesity

(Newser) - Being a loner can ruin your health as much as obesity, say researchers. The new study out of Brigham Young University warns that loneliness and social isolation can affect longevity as severely as more common health risks, reports the Salt Lake Tribune . The effect is more pronounced among young people,... More »

Day Before Super Tuesday, All Eyes on ... Limbaugh

Focus on social issues hurts GOP: strategists

(Newser) - A day before Super Tuesday, the GOP name getting the most play may be ... Rush Limbaugh. Social issues like contraception are taking center stage in the Republican presidential campaign—though birth control is a matter that's "nowhere near the top of what most Americans are most focused on... More »

Santorum: Culture Warrior in Hiding

Dave Weigel says Rick Santorum has softened as he's risen in the polls

(Newser) - Rick Santorum went to the Washington state capital Monday just hours after the governor signed gay marriage into law there. And what did the right's fiercest culture warrior say? He told everyone to be respectful, that each side had "legitimate reasons" for its views, that "there are... More »

Righties to GOP: Stick to Shrinking Gov't

Gay Republicans, Tea Partiers want brass to skip social issues

(Newser) - Gay Republicans and Tea Party leaders are calling on Congressional Republicans to steer clear of social issues, Politico reports. In a letter, advocates ask John Boehner and Mitch McConnell to focus on “the principles of the Tea Party movement”—which they say have nothing to do with social... More »

4 Stories