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Perfume Maker Bottles Scent of Dearly Departed

Product promises 'olfactory comfort'

(Newser) - Photos, mementoes, an urn on the mantel—there are many ways to remember a loved one who has died. Now a French company is offering a new one: the bottled scent of the recently departed, Fusion reports. The product created by the firm Kalain offers "olfactory comfort" in a... More »

Facebook Gives Death a Makeover

Gravestones are so 1.0, site spins; try memorializing your page

(Newser) - Facebook has responded to yet another qualm arising from its revamp last week. This one was actually sort of serious: Users were inundated with suggestions that they “reconnect” with friends who—though their Facebook pages were still active—had in reality shuffled off this mortal coil. “Would that... More »

2 Stories