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Krugman: This Looks Like a Permanent Depression

Evidence suggests economy may never fully recover

(Newser) - When it comes to the economy, you hear a lot of talk about "exit strategies," with monetary officials resigned to the fact that, for now, "credit must be easy and interest rates low"—just until the US gets back on its feet. "But what if... More »

How You Can Lose Your Paid-Off Home

Localities sell your unpaid bills to investors who foreclose

(Newser) - Vicki Valentine's father paid off the mortgage on their home a quarter-century ago, but she's been foreclosed on and evicted anyway, thanks to a $362 unpaid water bill. Valentine's one of a growing number falling prey to “tax sales,” the Huffington Post reports. Basically, the city sold Valentine's... More »

Unemployed Professionals Vie for Census Jobs

Applicant pool for 2010 temp jobs is unusually qualified

(Newser) - For the Census Bureau, the recession is good news: With unemployment near 10%, professionals with advanced degrees are applying for temporary census jobs in droves. The bureau will hire at least 700,000 people in the spring and summer to make house calls on census laggards and perform organizational tasks.... More »

Rise of the One-Day Biz Trip

Even long-distance travelers avoiding hotel stays

(Newser) - As businesses cut costs, more employees are traveling—even overseas—without staying overnight. “I'm not sure everybody has the stamina to get up at 4 AM for a 6 AM flight and get home at 9," said one traveler—who totaled 100,000 miles last year but only... More »

Older, Cheaper Gadgets Make Great Gifts

Spend much less, get slightly less, but hey, it's a recession

(Newser) - A bunch of older gadgets—read: last year's models—"work fantastically well yet have been largely forgotten," Farhad Manjoo writes on Slate . What's more, they're relatively cheap, and perfect for the penny-pinching holiday shopper. A sampling:
  • Kindle 1: The design is a bit "off-putting," and the
... More »

Save Money: Join Cult of the Somewhat Delayed

Live two years in the past and watch your savings grow

(Newser) - Times are tough, and there's only one sure way to save money in the modern world: Live 2 years in the past. So says Lore Sjoberg, who's starting his very own Cult of the Somewhat Delayed. "If you subsist entirely on 2-year-old entertainment, and the corresponding 2-year-old technology used... More »

6 Stories