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Obama's Trayvon Comment May Be 'Watershed Moment'

He handled it perfectly: Major Garrett

(Newser) - President Obama's poignant line yesterday about Trayvon Martin— "If I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon" —may end up being a "watershed moment for his presidency," writes Major Garrett at the National Journal . Obama has generally avoided addressing "distinctly racial issues,"... More »

Jon Stewart: Obama a Big Backyard Bore

President was 'upstaged' by decorative chili peppers

(Newser) - The leader of the free world held a 'backyard summit' in a leafy Des Moines suburb on Wednesday. How'd that go? Um, not so well, apparently. The New York Times says the president received a "polite" welcome but faced "pointed" and "barbed" questions from the audience of... More »

Gates Donates 'Beer Summit' Handcuffs to Smithsonian

Museum on black history now has them

(Newser) - The "beer summit" is now a little piece of American history. Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. has donated the handcuffs used to arrest him to the new museum on black history at the Smithsonian. Last summer's arrest set off a racial brouhaha that led to the so-called summit... More »

Politics' Silliest Moments of '09

From Dancin' DeLay to Roberts' inaugural flub, 'twas a weird year

(Newser) - Politics isn’t always a deadly serious game of statesmanship. Sometimes it’s goofy. Politico recalls the most bizarre moments of 2009:
  • Barack Obama sworn in—twice: Obama joked that they’d done it because “we decided it was so much fun.”
  • Sarah Palin resigns: Even her aides
... More »

Prof. Gates, Cop Crowley Have Another Round

Pair at center of racial incident spotted at Cambridge bar

(Newser) - The black college professor and the white cop at the center of a racial firestorm this summer, and who later famously had beers on the White House, were spotted last night having a round at a bar in Cambridge, Mass. Henry Louis Gates and Sgt. James Crowley chatted over suds... More »

5 Stories