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Man Drowns in SF Bay While Firefighters, Police Watch

Budget cuts kept Raymond Zack from being rescued

(Newser) - A "major policy change" is coming to a Bay Area town after a team of firefighters watched idly as a 53-year-old man lost consciousness and drowned in the frigid waters of San Francisco Bay on Monday. KGO reports that water rescue and training were dropped from Alameda’s firefighting... More »

Rape Victim's Pals Rip Cops, Guards

Six now arrested in two-hour attack

(Newser) - Angry friends of a gang-rape victim yesterday blasted useless security guards and cops at their Bay Area high school who failed to prevent the two-hour attack amid a horde of curious onlookers. Some 15 young men were hanging outside the Richmond school the night of homecoming before the attack. Neither... More »

2 Stories