Project Greenlight

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Damon: Sorry for Explaining Diversity to Black Director

His comments on 'Project Greenlight' sparked uproar

(Newser) - Matt Damon has apologized after sparking an uproar at Sunday night's Project Greenlight premiere. The HBO show features a panel of writers, directors, and producers deciding which director should be given the opportunity to direct a $3 million feature film; producer Effie Brown, who is black, is part of... More »

Turning Green Shines, Mostly

Film on black-market porn in Ireland sways most critics

(Newser) - Project Greenlight runner-up Turning Green —about a teen in Ireland who tries to make a buck selling porn—leaves most critics pleased.
  • It mixes a “generally jolly, frisky tone” with “more threatening moods,” including “an astounding left turn” from Alessandro Nivola, writes Robert Koehler in
... More »

2 Stories