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April Fooled: Coulter Buys Obama Detroit NASCAR Ban

(Newser) - Car & Driver managed to punk at least one blogger with an April Fools’ item about President Obama banning bailed-out automakers from NASCAR: Ann Coulter, reports left-leaning watchdog Media Matters. “With their racing budgets deemed ‘unnecessary expenditures,’” the article read, “GM and Chrysler are ordered... More »

Who Knew a Prius Was a Hot Rod?

Al Gore III, busted at over 100 mph, shows speedy side of green

(Newser) - As the exhaust clears following Al Gore III's joy-ride drug bust, an astonished public has zeroed in, not on the former veep's son, but on his little-Prius-that-could. Clocked at over  100mph before he was pulled over, Gore shattered the assumption that the Toyota hybrid sacrifices speed for fuel efficiency, the... More »

2 Stories