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Army Wants to Fight Obesity—With Fat Injections

New research award asks companies for a way to generate 'good' brown fat

(Newser) - The Army thinks its troops are getting too fat, and it's hoping to solve that problem with science. In its latest round of small-business research awards, the Army has asked companies to find a way to slim down its soldiers by injecting them with fat. Confused? Well, as Wired... More »

Stay Warm in Winter? Might Be Your Brown Fat

Discovery could help in fight against obesity

(Newser) - Forget the sauna: New research suggests that getting a little chilly might help the body lose weight, reports CTV . Canadian researchers found that exposing men to lower temperatures—until they were at the "threshold of shivering"—activated their stores of "brown fat," and that brown fat... More »

Hormone Find Could Yield 'Exercise Pill'

Irisin sends messages from muscle cells to fat cells

(Newser) - In research that may alarm gym owners, scientists have found a hormone responsible for many of exercise's health benefits. The newly discovered hormone—named "irisin" after the Greek messenger goddess Iris—turns ordinary white fat cells into energy-burning brown fat, and helps ward off diabetes by improving glucose... More »

'Brown Fat' Shots Could Beat Obesity

Scientists convert mouse cells into energy-burning fat

(Newser) - Scientists looking into ways to fight fat with fat say they've made a breakthrough that could yield effective treatments for obesity. Researchers experimenting on obese mice believe they've found a way to turn white fat cells into energy-burning brown fat cells, io9 reports. Converted cell cultures injected into the mice... More »

Scientists Learn to Trigger Fat-Burning Fat

So-called 'brown fat' could help in fight against obesity

(Newser) - Scientists are a step closer to being able to help people slim down with the help of the body's own fat, reports Time . German researchers were able to use an enzyme known as COX-2 in order to make white fat—the majority of human fat cells—act more like brown... More »

Fat Injections Could Aid Weight Loss

Brown fat may speed metabolism

(Newser) - The discovery that adults retain small quantities of “brown fat”—which in infants burns calories to generate heat—has scientists exploring the possibility of using the substance as a weight-loss aid. Brown fat is exceedingly effective at burning sugar, so researchers theorize that boosted amounts of the substance... More »

6 Stories