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Dakota Access Pipeline Hits a Milestone: Its First Leak

SD officials say it was quickly contained and isn't a big deal, but Sioux aren't buying it

(Newser) - Eighty-four gallons of oil may not be a huge amount, but that amount leaking out of the Dakota Access pipeline in April isn't reassuring those who've long protested it. Per NBC News , the leak was caused by mechanical failure of a surge pump at a pump station in... More »

Keystone Pipeline Leaks Thousands of Gallons of Oil Into S. Dakota

TransCanada denies any significant threats to the environment or public health

(Newser) - The Keystone pipeline sprung a leak Saturday, and TransCanada was slightly off in its original estimate of how much oil spilled into Hutchinson County, South Dakota—by about 9,000% or so. CNN reports the oil company originally estimated that only about 187 gallons had spilled. On Thursday, it updated... More »

Alaska Pipeline to Start Up Again

Interim fix will allow oil to flow as bypass line is completed

(Newser) - Oil will begin flowing once more through the trans-Alaska pipeline, which has been shut down since Saturday . Approval was given yesterday for an “interim restart” of the 800-mile line, which will allow some oil to resume flowing through an alternative pipe while workers continue to build a bypass line... More »

Leak Shuts Alaska Pipeline, Oil Prices Jump

Will oil head to $100 barrel again?

(Newser) - Oil prices jumped this morning just two days after a major leak forced the shutdown of the 800-mile trans-Alaska oil pipeline. North Slope oil flow was reduced by 95% after the leak was discovered at a pump station there, said officials. Though the leak was contained, it's unclear when operations... More »

Qantas Discovers Oil Leaks in Airbus Engines

Fleet will remain grounded for at least another 72 hours

(Newser) - Qantas airlines will keep its fleet of Airbus A380s on the ground for at least three more days, after discovering oil leaks in three different planes’ engines. The leaks turned up as the Australian airline investigated the mid-air engine explosion that forced one of its A380s to make an emergency... More »

Boat Hits Well, Triggers New Gulf Oil Leak

Louisiana's coast has another (smaller) spill to fight

(Newser) - A tow boat struck an abandoned well off the coast of Louisiana today, sending a plume of oil and gas into the air. Crews are at the site, near Mud Lake, and expect to have it under control today. Booms and oil-skimming equipment were already in the area, which has... More »

840,000 Gallons of Oil Leak Into Michigan River

Kalamazoo feeds into Lake Michigan

(Newser) - A pipeline that normally sends oil from Griffith, Indiana, to Sarnia, Ontario, Canada, sprang a leak Monday. What started in a small tributary has now reached the Kalamazoo River, and the oil—about 840,000 gallons spilled—could reach Lake Michigan this weekend. Volunteers are mobilizing to save local wildlife.... More »

Feds Alarmed by Gulf Seepage

Fears that capped oil may be leaking out elsewhere

(Newser) - The new discovery of seepage near the plugged BP well has alarmed federal officials who have warned the company to rigorously monitor the seabed. BP must be prepared to reopen the well immediately if scientists find evidence of spin-off leakage near the oil cap, according to a testy official apparently... More »

Government Wants James Cameron's Help With Oil Spill

Well, he did once make a movie about a boat...

(Newser) - The top kill didn't work, so the government apparently figured, what the heck, let's call James Cameron! Yes, James Cameron of Titanic and Avatar fame is among the experts who met yesterday to brainstorm ways to stop the BP oil leak...because apparently, as Matthew Daly writes for the AP... More »

Blaze Erupts on Aussie Oil Rig

Leak spewing 400 barrels of oil daily

(Newser) - A massive blaze has erupted from an oil rig in the Timor Sea off northwest Australia. The fire was sparked as workers battled to plug an undersea leak that has spewed 400 barrels of oil a day for the past 10 weeks. No one was injured in the fire and... More »

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