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Michael Wolff to Lead Adweek Magazines

Don't worry, he'll keep Newser gig

(Newser) - Michael Wolff has accepted a new job as editorial director of e5's AdweekMedia, whose trade publications include Adweek, Brandweek, and Mediaweek. The Vanity Fair columnist and Newser co-founder says he plans to bring his signature iconoclastic streak to the gig. "This is the opportunity we have—to not only... More »

Newser Editors the 'Chefs of the Internet'

'Dilbert' creator loves us, he really loves us

(Newser) - Usually when your humble Newser editors aggregate ourselves, it involves a spat over whether what we do is "stealing" or "news curation." Over at, creator Scott Adams ignores those niggling details to consider the net result: An aggregator that, though "little more than a... More »

The Wrap to Newser: Stop Summarizing Our Stuff

Lawyer's letter complains that source links are not 'prominent' enough

(Newser) - The Wrap ratcheted up its feud with Newser yesterday, firing off a "cease and desist" letter demanding that we stop using the Wrap as a source for Newser stories. In her blog , Sharon Waxman quotes from the letter, which charges Newser with "intentionally misleading consumers/users at the expense... More »

Sorry, Sharon: Newser Proves Shorter Can Be Better

It may be painful to long-form writers, but Newser is 'a smart idea'

(Newser) - Jack Shafer doesn't like Michael Wolff—he really, really doesn't like him—but he has to admit that in the battle of Wolff (for Newser) vs Sharon Waxman (for the Wrap), he's on Wolff's side. That's because Newser has something to teach Waxman and other news purists, he writes on... More »

When News Is for the Rich, Newser Is Robin Hood...

...and founder Michael Wolff is in jail

(Newser) - The year is 2012, and Michael Wolff is in prison. He’s the first high-profile conviction under 2011’s anti-aggregation law, the draconian act that’s allowed newspapers to duck behind ever-pricier paywalls. These days, a New York Times subscription will run you $7,000, and “the cultural divide... More »

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