Tsavo lions

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Why the Man-Eating Lions of Tsavo Ate Men

The teeth tell a tale

(Newser) - The man-eating lions of Tsavo , that pair of legendary beasts who killed about 35 railroad builders in Kenya in 1898, have long been attached to one question: What caused them to turn to humans? More than a century later, researchers were able to use remains kept at Chicago's Field... More »

Famed Man-Eating Lions Not That Hungry: Scientists

Kenyan duo credited with 135 kills ate just 35 humans

(Newser) - The Tsavo lions, reputed to have consumed 135 railroad workers in Africa at the turn of the last century, were not quite as ravenous as legend would have it. The lions—whose stuffed carcasses are enshrined at Chicago’s Field Museum—actually dispatched a mere 35 souls, new research shows.... More »

2 Stories