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Mariah Carey's 'Drunk' Speech Raises Eyebrows

The good news: She won an acting award for 'Precious'

(Newser) - Mariah Carey picked up an award for breakthrough performance by an actress for her role in Precious at the Palm Springs Film Festival awards last night. She will not, however, win awards for her acceptance speech, which was ... a bit slurred. When several audience members yelled out "Drunk!"... More »

Mariah Carey: I Look 'Rancid' in Precious

Carey still embarrassed by her appearance in film

(Newser) - Mariah Carey, who has her very own director of photography tag along to photo shoots to ensure the lighting and frame size are as flattering as possible, still finds her dowdy appearance in Precious “humiliating,” she tells Fox News . “When I first saw the film I thought... More »

2 Stories