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Iran Flexes Muscle, Sends Submarines to Red Sea

It's first time vessels have been sent to distant waters

(Newser) - Iran has sent submarines to the Red Sea in the first such deployment by the country's navy in distant waters, a semi-official news agency reported today. The deployment reflects Iran's efforts to show off its naval power. The Fars news agency said the submarines would collect data in... More »

US Shark Experts Called to Deadly Egypt Beaches

American researchers to decide when it's safe to go back in the water

(Newser) - Egypt's tourist authorities have called in a trio of American experts after a series of shark attacks that marine biologists have likened to the plot of Jaws. Four tourists were mauled last week and another one was killed after authorities declared beaches in the Sharm el-Sheikh area safe. Authorities say... More »

Shark Attack, Fifth in a Week, Claims Red Sea Tourist

German woman dies after arm is torn off

(Newser) - A shark tore the arm off an elderly German tourist at an Egyptian Red Sea resort, killing her almost immediately, security and diving officials said today, only days after sharks badly mauled four other European tourists in the waters. The German woman was swimming in the waters off Sharm el-Sheik,... More »

Egypt Hunts Shark After Tourists Savaged

Red Sea beaches closed after swimmers lose limbs

(Newser) - Egypt has closed beaches in the Sharm el-Sheik resort area while it hunts a shark that savaged three Russian tourists and a Ukrainian. The shark attacked swimmers near a Red Sea beach on Tuesday, biting both of one tourist's arms off, the Telegraph reports. Another tourist had to be resuscitated... More »

Parting of Red Sea Linked to Ma Nature, Not Moses

Computer simulation duplicates 'miracle' with heavy wind, shallow lagoon

(Newser) - The parting of the Red Sea attributed to Moses could have been nothing more than a natural phenomenon, not a miracle, says a team of researchers. Colorado scientists have created a computer simulation revealing that a strong east wind blowing overnight over a shallow lagoon off northern Egypt could expose... More »

Cruise Ship Crash in Egypt Kills 3

Costa Cruises blames 'unexpected wind blow' for fatal accident

(Newser) - A cruise ship sailing from Dubai to Italy with 1,437 passengers aboard crashed while docking today in Egypt, killing three crew members. Three passengers and another crew member were taken to the hospital in Sharm el-Sheik, a popular tourist destination on the Red Sea. Costa Cruises’ CEO says poor... More »

Desert Rift Creating New African Sea—Slowly

Crack created by volcanic eruption will eventually meet with Red Sea

(Newser) - Africa is getting a new ocean—in a million years, give or take. It's starting with a 35-mile rift in the Ethiopian desert caused by the eruption of a volcano in 2005. The rift will eventually meet with the Red Sea, allowing the waters to spill in, say scientists. The... More »

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