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Obama Jobs Speech Outdraws NFL Opener

He gets 31.4M viewers, vs. 27.2M for the Packers-Saints game

(Newser) - The ratings are in for President Obama's jobs speech to Congress, and White House spin doctors will be relieved to know he outdrew the NFL opener later that night. Nuggets from USA Today and the Los Angeles Times .
  • Nielsen says 31.4 million people watched his 7pm speech, more
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What Obama Must Say in His Jobs Speech

He has to offer specific solutions, not platitudes: John Nichols

(Newser) - President Obama gives his jobs speech next week, and John Nichols of the Nation has some words of advice: Don't blow it. This speech cannot be political boilerplate, for the sake of Obama's presidency and the economy. Nichols offers some suggestions:
  • Be specific: Skip vague generalities. He must
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Boehner to Obama: Speak on Another Night

He asks president to postpone address to joint session of Congress

(Newser) - This might not bode well for President Obama's chances of getting Republicans to go along with his jobs plan: The two sides can't even agree on when he should unveil it. In response to Obama's request to address a joint session of Congress on Sept. 7, John... More »

Obama Asks to Unveil Jobs Plan to Congress

He wants to address joint session on Sept. 7

(Newser) - Congress will hear about President Obama's plan to create jobs directly from the source: He has asked to address a joint session at 8pm EST on Sept. 7, reports the Hill . His plan would be delivered on the same night and the same time as a GOP presidential debate... More »

Merkel Addresses Congress, Wants Climate Pact

German chancellor speaks to joint session

(Newser) - German Chancellor Angela Merkel marked the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall by exhorting the world in a speech to Congress to "tear down the walls of today" and reach a deal to combat global warming. Merkel, frequently interrupted by robust applause, also reiterated her country's... More »

5 Stories