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Obama: Be 'Big and Bold' in Jobs Speech

Go back to deficit spending to boost economy: Krugman

(Newser) - "Everyone in Washington" should be crying out, "My God, what have we done?" writes Paul Krugman in the New York Times . His reasons: The puny 2% interest rate on 10-year national bonds is proof that President Obama's deficit spending did not raise interest rates, as critics had... More »

Romney: Obama Must Kill Big Gov't

Ex-governor tells Obama to seize his 'Nixon to China' moment

(Newser) - In the wake of the election, Mitt Romney thinks Barack Obama should “seize his ‘Nixon to China’ opportunity.” And by China, he means the US government. “Government is a greater threat to America in 2010 than China was in 1972,” Romney writes in an op-ed... More »

Tuesday's Vote May Pave Way for Palin

She waits in wings for GOP's inevitable abandonment of Tea Party

(Newser) - The fired-up Tea Partiers who stormed the streets telling government to quit spending so much are going to be mighty angry when the GOP they propel to power Tuesday returns to its fat-cat ways Wednesday morning. But the return is inevitable, argues Frank Rich in the New York Times . The... More »

Get Ready for a National Sales Tax

VAT will be only way to cover health-care costs

(Newser) - European-style taxes will follow European-style health care entitlement as surely as night follows day, warns Charles Krauthammer. ObamaCare, when you remove the "budgetary gimmicks," will add trillions to the national debt, leaving the president's deficit reduction committee with no option but to call for the introduction of value-added... More »

Democrats Are Out of Gas

Party 'lacks vigor now that welfare state is complete'

(Newser) - The Democrats' passage of health care reform felt like a family reunion where you saw "the whole panoply of what you loved and found annoying about these people" to David Brooks. President Obama and Nancy Pelosi deserve posterity "for sheer resilience," he writes, but as the last... More »

Jim Bunning: Why I Dug In

He says 'enough is enough' about Democrats' spending

(Newser) - Jim Bunning is unapologetic about his one-man stand on Capitol Hill. He doesn't object to jobless benefits, he writes, but to Democrats breaking their own rules about passing bills without paying for them. "Many people asked me, 'Why now?' My answer is, 'Why not now?' Why can't a non-controversial... More »

Beware of Deficit Hysteria

GOP's fiscal fear-mongering hurts jobless

(Newser) - The "deficit hysteria" spreading throughout Washington and the media reminds Paul Krugman of the fear-mongering about weapons of mass destruction ahead of the Iraq war. Assertions that the deficit will doom the economic recovery and undermine America's place in the world are being tossed about as if they're facts,... More »

Dems: GOP Are Hypocrites on Health Spending

Same Republicans Supported 2003 Medicare 'Giveaway'

(Newser) - Democrats are calling out Republican opponents of the health care reform bill as hypocrites, pointing out that 24 of them voted for the major Medicare expansion six years ago, when they controlled the Senate, the House, and the White House, that has added tens of billions of dollars to the... More »

House Narrowly OKs $174B Job-Focused Stimulus Bill

Irate GOP calls measure 'son of stimulus'

(Newser) - President Obama's Democratic allies in the House have muscled through a year-end measure—with a price tag of $174 billion—aimed at creating jobs through a second round of stimulus spending. The 217-212 vote reflected considerable uneasiness among Democrats over the prospect of voting for more debt-financed spending as the... More »

Economic Fury Is the New Culture War

Deficits were the rallying cry for yesterday's winners

(Newser) - "Conservatives have supposedly gotten their groove back," Peter Beinart writes about the results of yesterday's state races, "but it's not the same old groove." The candidates who won—or almost won—downplayed social issues and focused on the economy, which Beinart calls the “new culture... More »

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