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'Coercive Paternalism' Is Bad Parenting

Laws designed to force public to choose healthy options is 'Orwellian'

(Newser) - Under the banner of what’s good for you, an insidious new trend is growing. “Coercive paternalism,” Steve Chapman writes in Reason, is the wrong-minded older sibling of the much-in-vogue “libertarian paternalism” responsible for dietary information in chain restaurants. “Libertarian paternalists … limit themselves to promoting... More »

Frank, Chicago Isn't Your Kind of Town Anymore

Windy City's restrictive policies crimping its carefree rep

(Newser) - The gritty home of the Bulls and Bears is turning soft, Radley Balko gripes in the Chicago Tribune. The Windy City has developed a nasty case of paternalism that’s trampling the rights of its people to smoke, drink, and eat trans fats freely—and even ranked last in a... More »

Left Coast Democrats Lead in Nanny Laws

"Paternalistic" lawmakers are a sign that financially, society has arrived

(Newser) - Smoking, trans fat and auto emissions are only the beginning: A group of California legislators is agitating for measures regulating everything from having your pet neutered to changing your light bulbs. They're called "nanny laws," and poli-sci types say they're a product of prosperity. It's "post materialist,... More »

3 Stories