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House Lawmakers Get Rowdy Over Firing of Chaplain

Democrat, Republican engaged in shouting match

(Newser) - A shouting match between a Democrat and a Republican over the firing of House chaplain Rev. Pat Conroy became so heated Tuesday evening that witnesses thought one of them might throw a punch. It began when GOP Rep. Tom MacArthur walked to the Democratic side of the floor and accused... More »

House Chaplain Is 'First to Be Fired in the History of the US'

Father Pat Conroy says Paul Ryan asked for his resignation

(Newser) - Did Paul Ryan think the House chaplain was a meddlesome priest? Father Pat Conroy says that two weeks ago, the House speaker asked for his resignation but did not provide a reason, Politico reports. Democrats believe the priest, who was nominated by John Boehner in 2011, was forced out over... More »

Rand Paul: Bad Idea to Blow Through Debt Ceiling

Meanwhile, Collins, Klobuchar see a deal by Thursday

(Newser) - The United States of America is exactly four days away from debt ceiling Armageddon, so politicians of all stripes crowded the Sunday talk show circuit to point fingers and wax poetically about what the other side might do better. Rand Paul led the way with the obvious, Politico reports, saying,... More »

Senate Chaplain's Prayer: 'Deliver Us From Hypocrisy'

Barry C. Black holds nothing back in daily invocations

(Newser) - For at least one minute every morning, the Senate has to listen to Barry C. Black, the Senate chaplain, as he offers up his daily prayer. And Black, a former Navy rear admiral, has been taking advantage of that fact. For the past week, as the government shutdown has dragged... More »

Navy: Never Mind, No Gay Marriages Yet

Controversial move suspended until further notice

(Newser) - Well, that didn't last long: Just one day after announcing that its chaplains would soon be allowed to perform same-sex marriages , the Navy is backpedaling. More than five dozen House lawmakers challenged the decision, which would have permitted chaplains to officiate gay unions after Don't Ask, Don't... More »

Navy Will Let Chaplains Officiate Gay Marriages

New policy takes effect after DADT is repealed

(Newser) - When Don't Ask, Don't Tell is repealed, a big change will come to the Navy: Its chaplains will be allowed to officiate at same-sex marriages. Rear Admiral Mark Tidd, the Navy's head chaplain, made the announcement in a recent memo but noted that chaplains may decline to... More »

At Vigil, A Reminder 'to Keep Breathing'

Hundreds attend Fort Hood's first gathering since shooting

(Newser) - Several hundred people gathered at a stadium at Fort Hood tonight, where the Army's chief chaplain offered prayers for families and victims of the shooting rampage that left 13 dead and 30 wounded at the Texas base yesterday. Chaplain Douglas Carver told those at the vigil—many dressed in fatigues... More »

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