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Syria's First Trade Fair Since War Began Ends in Tragedy

Shelling kills 4, wounds 4 others

(Newser) - Activists and a local journalist say a shell has hit Syria's first international trade fair since the war broke out six years ago, killing and wounding several people. Sunday's shelling comes three days after the Syrian government opened the international trade fair, an event hailed by officials as... More »

Paris Divorce Fair Thrives on Breakups

Get legal advice and plastic surgery for life's next phase

(Newser) - The annual Paris Marriage Fair has spawned a modern offspring—a Divorce Fair. “Divorce has lost its stigma,” says its organizer; nearly 50% of French marriages, including two of Nicolas Sarkozy's, don't last. Booths at the fair offered services from divorce lawyers, tarot card readers, self-esteem coaches, and... More »

2 Stories