Sarbanes Oxley

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High Court Strikes Part of Sarbanes-Oxley

Roberts says oversight board violated separation of powers

(Newser) - The Supreme Court has struck down part of the anti-fraud Sarbanes-Oxley law enacted in response to Enron and other corporate scandals from the early 2000s. The justices, in a 5-4 vote today, say that Sarbanes-Oxley violates the Constitution's separation of powers mandate. The court says the president must be able... More »

White House Move Bad News for Investors

It's trying to weaken protections put in place after Enron

(Newser) - Belying its reputation as financial regulatory crusaders, the White House is quietly working to weaken a protection for everyday investors. Rahm Emanuel is pushing lawmakers to back an amendment that would exempt smaller companies from audits of their internal controls, sources tell the Huffington Post. The stricter controls, established by... More »

Feds Plan to Allow Foreign Accounting Rules

Critics slam 'outsourcing' of financial protections

(Newser) - Federal officials are proposing to loosen accounting regulations, allowing American companies to shift to international standards that offer more latitude in reporting earnings, the New York Times reports. The move would make businesses more competitive, the administration argues, but it would also effectively exempt them from the investor-protection measures instigated... More »

How the GOP Went Broke

Legislation, bad governance cost Republicans their financial advantage

(Newser) - The Republican Party has known crises before, but it's always held its own against the Democrats with fundraising prowess. But the GOP finds itself demoralized and impoverished, and seemingly without the funds needed to avoid more losses like the one suffered Tuesday in Mississippi. Politico looks at how the party... More »

Accounting Degrees Add Up

Number-crunchers are BMOCs with companies desperate to fill slots

(Newser) - Accounting majors have become the most in-demand kids on campus, and prospective employers are wooing them with lavish parties, free vacations, and promises of handsome signing bonuses. Colleges aren't turning out enough number-crunchers to meet the growing demand, which has skyrocketed in the wake of stricter controls required by Sarbanes-Oxley,... More »

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