Dr. Strangelove

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Pentagon Fantasy War Sparks China, Military Gripes

Does it have to be so expensive, wonder bosses

(Newser) - China's relationship with the US is taking a hit thanks to a fantasy war cooked up by the Pentagon. "Futurist" Andrew Marshall, 91, has spent 20 years carefully plotting a war—dubbed the "Air-Sea Battle"—against an imagined aggressive China using stealth US bombers and submarines,... More »

The Best of Cold War Cinema

With the Evil Empire as the bad guy, Hollywood made some great flicks

(Newser) - Maybe the reason Betsy Sharkey is feeling nostalgic about Cold War flicks is that the era offered a clear, if flawed, idea that we were the good guys. Regardless, it made for some good movies. The Los Angeles Times critic's faves, by "capricious category":
  • Aliens: With "subtexts rich
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2 Stories