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Want a Job and a Cheap Home? This Town Wants You

NZ town has 1K vacant jobs, $160K homes

(Newser) - "So many of the things Kiwis value, such as owning your own home and providing for your family, have become an impossible dream"—but not in the tiny town of Kaitangata. Bryan Cadogan, mayor of the Clutha district, which includes Kaitangata, on New Zealand's South Island, says... More »

Pentagon Paid Sports Teams to Stage Patriotic Events

Report blasts spending as 'inappropriate and frivolous'

(Newser) - Does your heart swell with pride when an American flag is unfurled at a major sporting event? If so, know that you paid for the sensation. The Pentagon has shelled out about $10 million to sports franchises over the past five years for advertising and promotion, including $6.8 million... More »

Chipotle Hiring Blitz: 4K Workers, One Day

Chain hopes to recruit thousands during 'National Career Day' on Sept. 9

(Newser) - In the restaurant industry's continued "war on talent," Chipotle is fighting back against a tight labor market with a single-day blitz next month in which it hopes to hire 4,000 workers in one fell swoop, the Wall Street Journal reports. The Sept. 9 "National Career... More »

ISIS: Now Recruiting Deaf, Mute Fighters

Releases video featuring 2 people using sign language

(Newser) - ISIS really wants to make sure it covers all its bases: A recruitment video released yesterday stars two deaf and mute fighters using sign language. "We, the deaf and mute, direct our message to the Islamic world," the video begins, per Vocativ . The video, titled "From Who... More »

NY Man Was ISIS Recruiter: Federal Indictment

Mufid Elfgeeh also charged with plotting to kill US troops back from Iraq

(Newser) - A man from Rochester, NY, was indicted yesterday on charges of attempting to help three people (two of them FBI informants) travel to Syria to take up arms with ISIS, reports the LA Times . The Justice Department statement further alleges that Mufid Elfgeeh sent $600 to a potential recruit in... More »

Pentagon: 7 Out 10 Youths Not Fit for Service

And that's not counting ones with tattoos

(Newser) - The Pentagon says that if all 34 million Americans aged 17 to 24 tried to join the military, it would reject more than two-thirds of them for being fat, uneducated, felonious, on drugs, or for assorted other reasons—even before it got around to weeding out the ones with neck... More »

Columbia Business School Tells Its Students They Smell

Prospective bankers reminded to bathe, brush teeth, be nice

(Newser) - Columbia Business School has emailed first-year students to let them know that being stinky and pushy isn't going to help them find jobs in finance. A "friendly reminder" sent to students and obtained by Dealbreaker informs them that company recruiters have complained and urges them to follow personal hygiene... More »

Economy Sparks Record Military Recruitment

Bleak employment, bonuses boost numbers to highest level since draft ended

(Newser) - The recession has helped boost the US military to its best recruitment year since the post-Vietnam switch to an all-volunteer force. Recruiters hit or exceeded all their targets for the first time since 1973, surprising even Pentagon officials. In addition to rising unemployment, recruiting was helped by bonuses, a recruiting... More »

Army Recruiters' Video Arcade Draws Fire

Simulations ignore 'reality of war itself:' Pulitzer winner Chris Hedges

(Newser) - The Army Experience Center in Philadelphia—a sort of video arcade/recruiting center—has numerous detractors, and those opponents have an influential ally. “This is just a new version of an old attempt” at recruiting, Pulitzer Prize winner and former New York Times war correspondent Chris Hedges tells dscriber. The... More »

No Child Left Unrecruited

Pentagon uses NCLB, other sneaky means to get info on teens in high school

(Newser) - The military is using a host of behind-the-scenes methods—including the No Child Left Behind Act—to gather information on high school students for recruitment, writes David Goodman in Mother Jones. A little-known provision in NCLB, for instance, requires schools that get funding to supply recruiters with info on all... More »

'09 Grads Picky Despite Grim Jobs Market

Below-par jobs rejected as grads wait for economy to rebound

(Newser) - Many of this year's college grads are confounding career advisers by rejecting suggestions that they can't afford to be choosy about what job to take in a recession, the New York Times reports. The grads say they don't want to be forced into less-than-ideal jobs and career paths by economic... More »

Economic Muck Gives GOP Hope for New Blood in 2010

Candidate recruitment up amid bad news for Dems

(Newser) - As bad economic reports keep coming, Republicans are seeing candidate recruitment soar, the Hill reports. The party has had “probably its first good couple weeks in four years,” says an analyst, fueled in large part by rising unemployment and sinking stocks. Meanwhile, Democrats have lost top Senate candidate... More »

Case of Autistic Marine Sheds Light on Recruitment Ethics

Struggling to fill quotas, recruiters' practices called into question

(Newser) - Operating in a war-weary America, military recruiters face a difficult task—and some are skirting ethics to fill their quotas, the Los Angeles Times reports. While substantiated cases against recruiters are relatively few—593 claims were verified in fiscal 2007, which saw 319,229 enlistees—the case of an autistic... More »

Defense Giants Stalk Cyberwar Contracts

(Newser) - Major defense contractors are already staffed with "hacker soldiers" who can help them earn billions of dollars in Washington's new cyberwar, the New York Times reports. Cranking rock tunes and piling up pop cans, engineers hack away at companies like Raytheon, working for the Pentagon or protecting internal documents.... More »

CIA Wants You, I-Banker

(Newser) - The CIA is looking for a few good bankers to track down millionaire bad guys and stymie financial terrorism, the New York Post reports. Ads on Bloomberg Radio ask money whizzes to use their “intelligence for the work of a nation.” The $160,000 salary will probably be... More »

London Teen: How I Was Recruited for Jihad

Group meeting in mosque invited boy to outside gatherings

(Newser) - The Islamists approached him in the mosque, and before he knew it a 15-year-old Londoner was watching jihadist videos and being encouraged to train in Pakistan, the boy tells the Times of London in the “first inside account” of the recruitment process. “A lot of people think that... More »

Army May Not Want You So Bad After All

Jobless rate drives surge in applicants

(Newser) - Rising unemployment and safer conditions in Iraq have boosted interest in joining the Army, allowing recruiters to raise acceptance standards. The Washington Post reports that felons and recent drug users need not apply, and the pool of applicants also is better educated. For the first time since 2004, the Army... More »

Let's Help Vets Avoid Extremist Urge

(Newser) - The recent Homeland Security report detailing right-wing extremist recruitment of veterans is “true, true, true,” Charles M. Blow writes in the New York Times. But “conservatives reacted by throwing a knee-jerk hissy fit,” suggesting that vets “were being vilified by a partisan document.” Instead... More »

US Military Woos Recruits With Citizenship Offer

Armed forces to recruit temporary immigrants

(Newser) - Aiming to swell its ranks as it fights two wars, the US military will offer skilled temporary immigrants who enlist a shot at becoming citizens in just six months, the New York Times reports. Immigrants with temporary visas who have been in the US at least two years will now... More »

Army Recruiting Soars as Job Dry Up

Recruitment soars with unemployment

(Newser) - The recession has swelled military recruitment, bumping the forces past their goals for the first time since 2004, reports the New York Times. Many Americans are being enticed from a flagging job market by the promised stability and benefits. The Army—whose recruiting has struggled most under the shadow of... More »

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