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#MeToo Lawmaker Faces 'Spin the Bottle' Accusation

Staffers say there was pressure to drink in Cristina Garcia's office

(Newser) - A former aide is suing California assemblywoman and #MeToo advocate Cristina Garcia, claiming the Democrat fired him for not wanting to play "spin the bottle" in her hotel room after a night of heavy drinking at a fundraiser in 2014. David John Kernick says he was written up for... More »

Eye on Trump, California Lawyers Up —Big Time

Legislature hires Eric Holder to head legal battles against incoming president

(Newser) - California is gearing up to fight Donald Trump's administration—and President Obama's former attorney general will lead the charge. Democratic leaders of the California Legislature announced Wednesday that they've hired Eric Holder, now a partner at law firm Covington & Burling, to head a team of lawyers... More »

Calif. Pol Busted on Charges of Arms Trafficking

Leland Yee arrested in ring that also includes gangsters

(Newser) - There's your everyday corruption, and then there's what California state Sen. Leland Yee has been accused of. The FBI arrested Yee yesterday on sweeping corruption and arms smuggling charges, the LA Times reports. The affidavit names 26 people in all—including prominent political consultant Keith Jackson, and a... More »

California Democrats Warn Campuses Could Close

They lay out dire scenario if states fixes deficit without tax hikes

(Newser) - California Democrats have floated the idea of closing some University of California campuses, shortening the school year, and laying off law enforcement officers as desperate means of dealing with the state’s mammoth budget deficit, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. The proposals were voiced at a hearing examining ways to... More »

Calif. Mulls Tough Helmet Law for Skiers, Boarders

Helmets required for anyone under 18, and ski areas would be responsible

(Newser) - Two bills making their way through the California legislature would give the state the strictest US regulations governing helmet use while skiing or snowboarding, and dramatically shift responsibility onto resort operators. The first bill would require anyone under 18 to strap on head protection, and subject parents to a $25... More »

Calif. Pols Vote for 'Cuss-Free Week'

No enforcement plans—just penalty jars at Capitol

(Newser) - Taking a break from slightly more serious measures—$20 billion budget deficit, anyone?—California’s state house today passed a bill that would have the state observing “Cuss-Free Week” effective Sunday. “We’re not going to be calling out the CIA or FBI or CHP to go around... More »

Arnold Hides Vulgar Message to Legislators in Veto

Bill's author recently told governor to 'kiss my gay ass'

(Newser) - Though all political vetoes send some message, a recent one by California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger appears to carry two—with the less-obvious one quite the kiss-off to the Democrat-controlled legislature. In the message accompanying Schwarzenegger’s veto of a financing measure, the San Francisco Bay Guardian found that, in reading... More »

Calif. Senator to Sue Schwarzenegger Over Budget Cuts

(Newser) - The leader of California's Senate says he'll take Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to court for using line-item vetoes to slash another $500 million from the budget deal he was sent last week, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. Democrat Darrell Steinberg accuses Schwarzenegger of overstepping his authority by making the cuts. "... More »

Plan to Free 27K Inmates Threatens Calif. Budget Deal

(Newser) - A plan to slash the number of inmates by 27,000 could sink California's long-delayed budget deal, the Los Angeles Times reports. Angry Republican state lawmakers threatened to back out of the agreement after learning of the plan, which would give prison officials authority to let any inmate over 60... More »

Calif. Finally Forges Budget Deal

Plan calls for massive cuts to close $26B budget hole

(Newser) - After weeks of wrangling, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has made a deal with state lawmakers to close the $26 billion hole in California's budget, the Sacramento Bee reports. Leaders believe the plan—which involves massive spending cuts and borrowing from city governments—is solid enough to secure billions of dollars in... More »

Deal Near on Calif. Budget Gap

(Newser) - The California Legislature and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger are just steps away from an agreement that would close the state’s $26.3 billion deficit, the Los Angeles Times reports. Talks are expected to conclude today. “I don’t think there is anything that would make negotiations shut down at... More »

Arnold: Budget Crisis Is Not a Game of Chicken

Gov defends stance amid standoff

(Newser) - Tensions are soaring in California as Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger faces off against Democratic lawmakers in the state’s budget crisis. But the governator is keeping calm as he defends his position, the Financial Times reports. He’s calling for welfare reform before he’ll sign off on a budget, but... More »

Arnold: Make Budget Talks Reality TV

Says he'd like office to be 'glass house'

(Newser) - California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger wants another starring role onscreen—and he's looking to bring California’s legislators with him. The governator wants budget meetings televised or streamed online to show the public what gives, reports the Los Angeles Times. “A debate in front of the people” would “expose... More »

Who Replaces Arnold? 'Entertaining' Race Unfolds

(Newser) - Sure, California's going through a little financial Armageddon, but that's not keeping candidates from lining up to replace Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is prevented by term limits from running in 2010. In the New York Times magazine, Mark Leibovitch takes a look at the eclectic field, which includes Jerry Brown ("... More »

Arnold Declares Emergency in Calif. Budget Mess

(Newser) - California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger today declared a fiscal emergency and ordered lawmakers to produce a plan to close the state’s $24.3 billion deficit within 45 days, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. To accomplish that, Schwarzenegger called a special session of the legislature, and also ordered 220,000 state... More »

Calif. Bill Restricts Internet Maps to Foil Terrorists

(Newser) - A California assemblyman wants his state to force Internet mapping services to distort the images of schools, government buildings, and similar institutions because they could be terrorist targets, the AP reports. Republican Joel Anderson introduced the measure after reading that terrorists used services such as Google Earth and Microsoft's Virtual... More »

Calif. Can't Settle Budget; Guv Will Begin 20K Layoffs

Remaining state public-works projects to be stopped

(Newser) - California’s legislature couldn’t agree on a budget by the time it adjourned last night, so even as legislators trudge back to negotiate this morning, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger will begin proceedings to lay off 20,000 government workers and halt the 275 state-funded public works projects still in action,... More »

Governator Vows Veto Volley in Budget Battle

Showdown ahead with state lawmakers over funding sleight-of-hand

(Newser) - California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is heading for a dramatic and potentially humiliating showdown with the state legislature over the budget, reports the San Jose Mercury News. Schwarzenegger plans to veto the budget which largely relies on accounting sleight-of-hand to close a $15.2 billion shortfall. Legislators say they have enough... More »

Sans Budget, Arnold to Slash Calif. Workers' Pay

Gov threatens cut to minimum wage until state passes budget

(Newser) - Arnold Schwarzenegger is threatening to ease California's cash-flow crisis by slashing the pay of 200,000 state workers to the federal minimum wage of $6.55 an hour, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. A draft executive order obtained by the Chronicle also ends overtime pay for all but emergency employees... More »

Report: California Death Penalty in Critical Condition

Panel calls for reforms to clear massive execution backlog

(Newser) - California's capital punishment system is nearing collapse, according to a state commission. The time between sentencing and execution in the state is as long as 25 years—double the national average. The panel recommended California spend $100 million a year to hire more lawyers and clear the "overwhelmed" appeals... More »

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