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Wallpaper Goes High-Tech

Soon surfaces will go online, block Wi-Fi thieves, or recharge devices

(Newser) - Why flip open a laptop when your wall can do the computing? A design firm in Madrid has launched a project that aims to make any surface in your home an online interface, the Financial Times reports. Using motion-sensor technology, webcams, and projectors, it will turn walls and counters into... More »

'Singer Worm' Hits iPhones

Wallpaper switched in first virus to hit popular phones

(Newser) - The first virus to hit iPhones is substituting users' wallpaper with a portrait of 80's pop star Rick Astley and the warning: "Ikee is never going to give you up." The virus isn't harming anything else, but observers say it's a warning that hackers have learned how to... More »

2 Stories