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Twitter Gets Another Sitcom

It's sort of like the roommate version of $#*! My Dad Says

(Newser) - Fresh off the premiere of its first Twitter-based comedy, CBS is developing another. The network acquired a script deal for Shh … Don’t Tell Steve, based on a Twitter feed about a guy secretly tweeting everything his slob of a roommate does (sample: “Steve, just now, yelling from... More »

Prime-Time Swearing? Who Gives a $#*!?

CBS comedy bares eroding concern about profanity

(Newser) - When the prime-time comedy $#*! My Dad Says hits CBS this fall, most viewers and advertisers won't give a $#*! about the title—a sign of just how far attitudes about TV swearing have come since the days when Lucy Ricardo had to say she was "expecting" rather than... More »

Parents Council Threatens CBS Over $#*! My Dad Says

Network just wants to offend people, prez says

(Newser) - Well, that didn’t take long: The Parents Television Council is, in a not entirely shocking move, protesting new CBS show $#*! My Dad Says. The decision to include an expletive—albeit a bleeped expletive—in the name of the sitcom demonstrates the network’s “contempt for families and... More »

5 Funny Family Blogs That Made Good

Maybe your embarrassing parents can help you land a TV deal

(Newser) - Easter and Passover are coming up, which means more embarrassing incidents at family get-together, plus a silver lining: You could potentially score a book deal. Chris Mathias, writing for Nerve , lists five blogs based on “familial eccentricities” that have scored their creators some cash—or at least some popularity:... More »

William Shatner to Play Dad in Shit My Dad Says

' Your wedding's just one more day I can't wear sweat pants'

(Newser) - Those dramatic readings of Levi Johnston's tweets may have doubled as an audition: William Shatner has been cast as the curmudgeonly dad in CBS' pilot based on Twitter sensation Shit My Dad Says . The pilot, to be executive produced by the creators of Will & Grace, will feature Shatner as... More »

'Shit My Dad Says' Heads to TV

Son's lucrative exploitation also includes book deal

(Newser) - Move over, Al Bundy: A project based @shitmydadsays, the Twitter feed engineered by the son of a cantankerous father, has been picked up by CBS. The creators of Will and Grace are on board as executive producers, with that selfsame transcriber of a son taking writing duties. The microblog’s... More »

6 Stories