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Boehner to WH: Stop Saying I Want Impeachment

Lawsuit filed by House speaker will motivate GOP to go after prez, says Obama aide

(Newser) - There’s nothing to suggest that John Boehner has changed his mind since the last time he said he doesn’t want to impeach the president—but that didn’t stop a senior White House aide this morning from saying he thinks the door for Republicans to make that happen... More »

Obama Lawyer Learned of IRS Case Weeks Ago, But...

New questions raised about White House approach to scandal

(Newser) - Several weeks ago, the White House's chief counsel heard that a nearly-finished investigation of the IRS pointed to Tea Party targeting—and apparently kept President Obama in the dark about it, a top administration official tells the Wall Street Journal . The White House hasn't said whether chief counsel... More »

Salaries of White House Staffers

$172K is a common one

(Newser) - White House staffers have to take an unpaid day off starting with the May 1 pay period thanks to the sequester, and Politico uses the opportunity to round up some high-profile salaries. (It's not clear how many total days the staffers will lose.)
  • Jay Carney, press secretary: $172,
... More »

Obama Goes Into Campaign Mode with Media

New strategy seeks to use president's face time more wisely

(Newser) - Facing criticism that President Obama isn't connecting with the public, the White House is infusing its communications strategy with some of the discipline and outside-the-box thinking that made Obama's presidential campaign famous. Sensitive about talk that the president was sometimes overexposed last year, the administration will now be more frugal... More »

Shut It, Cheney: White House

'Bellicose rhetoric' about war failed before, fails now: Pfeiffer

(Newser) - Dick Cheney’s “bellicose rhetoric” and “clearly untrue” claims following the Christmas terror attempt aren't sitting well at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, and the new administration isn't shy about telling the ex-veep off. Echoing the sentiment—and the words, even—of a “senior Democrat” yesterday in Politico , Communications... More »

White House's Fox News Foe Stepping Down

Communications director Anita Dunn leaving as planned

(Newser) - President Obama’s communications director will cede her post to a deputy at the end of the month, Chris Cillizza has learned. Anita Dunn notably took on the Fox Network and accused it of being a Republican mouthpiece. Dunn, who said from the start she was taking the post on... More »

6 Stories