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5 Classic Films Funded in Nutty Ways

The Quaker Oats Co. funded 'Willy Wonka'

(Newser) - Producers have long writhed in agony seeking ways to fund feature films. Cracked lists five of their weirdest schemes:
  • El Mariachi. Robert Rodriguez, the future director of Machete and Sin City, paid for this low-budge action flick by submitting himself to medical experiments that included removing chunks of flesh from
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10 Juiciest Going Rogue Tidbits

From what she left in (Couric sniping) to what she left out (an index)

(Newser) - The moment America has been waiting for is almost here—the release of Sarah Palin’s memoir Going Rogue is just days away! For those who can't wait, Azaria Jagger of Gawker details the 10 juiciest tidbits that have leaked so far:
  • John McCain: Palin claims his campaign charged her
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2 Stories