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Author: My Character's Rape Was Based on My Own

Jessica Knoll says acknowledging gang rape when she was 15 is 'a start'

(Newser) - The author of the best-selling novel Luckiest Girl in the World is starting a frank conversation with her readers, admitting a year after her novel's release that the excruciating rape scene in her book is based on events that happened to her at a party when she was 15,... More »

Tony Blair: Iraq Regrets, but Not Many

Dowd: You should have more, Bush poodle

(Newser) - Tony Blair is still hawking his book, and he's still not sorry about his role in taking down Saddam Hussein, he tells ABC's This Week. While "You can't not have regrets about the lives lost," the former PM says, "If we hadn't taken out Saddam, there would... More »

Laura on Dubya: We Depend on Each Other

Former first lady dishes on Kindles and political criticism

(Newser) - Laura Bush continues the publicity blitz for new memoir Spoken From the Heart with a sit-down with Ladies Home Journal . Highlights:
  • Texas meets DC: "All his Midland friends would come to the Oval Office and say, 'I can't believe I'm here.' And then they looked at him: [They]
... More »

Rove: Strip Club RNC Staffer a 'Pervert'

Elsewhere, hecklers shout him down at book signing

(Newser) - Karl Rove is aghast at RNC spending at a Los Angeles bondage-themed strip club. “Somebody ought to lose their credit card,” he told Jay Leno last night on the Tonight Show. “Find that pervert, and get his card.” Elsewhere, Rove commented on health care reform—“... More »

Gore Bails on Copenhagen Talk

Promotional appearance slated for summit's busiest day

(Newser) - Al Gore has bailed out of a talk he was to give Dec. 16 in Copenhagen, an appearance timed to coincide both with the UN climate summit and with the release of his new book. The Danish group that sold 3,000 tickets, at $1200 a pop, expressed “great... More »

Book Tour Shows Palin Hitting a Nerve

'Going Rogue' phenomenon may foreshadow something bigger

(Newser) - Just 5 days into her book tour, first-time author Sarah Palin is attracting crowds so huge and adoring that they're feeding speculation about her political future. The philosophy that moved one fan to call her "the female Ronald Reagan" is nothing new, experts tell Erika Bolstad of the Anchorage ... More »

Palin to Walters: 2012 'Not on My Radar,' But...

'If people will have me, I will' do something in 2012

(Newser) - Sarah Palin says that a 2012 presidential bid is "not on my radar," but wouldn't rule out playing some role in the next presidential election. "My ambition, if you will, my desire is to help our country in whatever role that may be, and I cannot predict... More »

7 Stories