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Library Book Is Back, 47 Years Late

The copy of Eldridge Cleaver's memoir Soul On Ice was due Dec. 9, 1970

(Newser) - A book nearly five decades overdue has been returned to the San Francisco Public Library, the AP reports. The copy of Eldridge Cleaver's memoir Soul On Ice was due back at the Eureka Valley branch Dec. 9, 1970, making it 47 years, four months, and 29 days late. The... More »

Book Returned to Library 100 Years Late

Man's great-grandmother had checked out 'Forty Minutes Late' (no joke) in 1917

(Newser) - A book of short stories titled Forty Minutes Late has been returned to the San Francisco Public Library—100 years late, the AP reports. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that Bay Area resident Webb Johnson returned the book Friday. There was no fine. Johnson's great-grandmother had checked it out... More »

Library Could Start Jailing People for Overdue Books

'We're doing it for the community'

(Newser) - One Alabama library isn't messing around when it comes to overdue books. The News Courier reports the Athens-Limestone Public Library is going to start taking advantage of an old city ordinance that could lead to jail time for people who don't return their copy of Harry Potter. Library... More »

After 60 Years, Entomologist Returns Library's Bug Book

He must really love moths

(Newser) - A Purdue University entomology professor has returned a copy of The Moths of the Limberlost that he checked out 60 years ago at age 8, the AP reports. According to Indiana's WTWO-TV , Larry Murdock checked out the book from the Linton Public Library in in 1956. He says he... More »

Overdue Library Book Returned to School After 50 Years

The student forgot about it when he joined the Marines

(Newser) - A library book overdue by nearly 50 years has been returned to a university library in southwest Ohio, the AP reports. The University of Dayton says a former student who borrowed History of the Crusades in 1967 has sent it back with an apology for the late return. The university... More »

Overdue Books Finally Returned 52 Years Later

'I'll let you decide their fate now'

(Newser) - Portland State University librarians in Oregon finally got their hands on two overdue books—half a century after they were checked out. The Oregonian reports that someone put two books checked out in 1963 for a high-school speech class into a book drop, accompanied by an anonymous, handwritten note. The... More »

High School Library Book Returned 65 Years Late

$470 fine waived for 'Gone With the Wind'

(Newser) - If Betty Mandershied is still alive, she no longer needs to worry about a huge library fine waiting for her—although frankly, she may not give a damn. The copy of Gone With the Wind she checked out of a high school library in Spokane, Wash., in early 1949 has... More »

Woman Jailed for Overdue Twilight Book

Lori Teel owed almost $36, now plans legal action

(Newser) - In Portales, New Mexico, library fines are no laughing matter, as one mother of five learned after racking up $35.98 in overdue charges for a double dose of Twilight in book and movie form. Lori Teel couldn't remember borrowing the material in 2010, but law enforcement apparently hadn'... More »

Overdue Books Return —51 Years Late

(Newser) - An Arizona high school librarian got the surprise of her career when she opened a package and found a letter from a former student, two books checked out in 1958—and a money order for $1,000 to cover the overdue-book fines. The books, Community of Living Things: Forests and ... More »

9 Stories