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Olivia Munn on Director Ratner: He Masturbated in Front of Me

5 other actresses are also accusing film director of sexual misconduct

(Newser) - Another domino of sexual misconduct allegations stretching from Hollywood to the media has tumbled. This time it involves film director Brett Ratner, with six women telling the Los Angeles Times of incidents they say happened in private homes, at Hollywood events, and on movie sets. Actress Olivia Munn is one... More »

Bjork: Director Harassed Me, Had 'Impressive Net of Illusion'

She doesn't name Dane she accuses of sexual harassment, but it appears to be Lars von Trier

(Newser) - As women continue to come forward with sexual assault accusations against Harvey Weinstein , Icelandic singer Bjork has emerged with a revelation of her own regarding "my experience with a Danish director," reports Rolling Stone . On her Facebook page Sunday, Bjork said she'd been "inspired" by all... More »

Their Film Ran in 14 Theaters. Then Robert Pattinson Called

How the major actor ended up in 'Good Time'

(Newser) - Good Time is a film about one bad night gone worse. Robert Pattinson plays a small-time Queens crook named Connie Nikas whose botched robbery and escape attempt lands his mentally handicapped brother in jail. And that's just in the first few minutes. The film doesn't come up for... More »

Steve Bannon: the Hollywood Bigwig Who Wasn't?

Trump's strategist brags about his time in Tinseltown, but others' memories are murky

(Newser) - Over the past eight months, Steve Bannon has worked his way into the general US consciousness, first as an ex-Breitbart exec tapped as Trump's new campaign chief , next as a "terrifying man" who wanted to set the DC establishment ablaze, and finally, as a White House fixture . But... More »

William Peter Blatty, Exorcist Author, Dead at 89

He did everything from drive a beer truck to sell vacuums before he hit it big

(Newser) - Novelist and filmmaker William Peter Blatty, who conjured a tale of demonic possession and gave millions the fright of their lives with the best-selling novel and Oscar-winning movie The Exorcist, has died at the age of 89, the AP reports. Blatty died Thursday at a hospital in Bethesda, Md., of... More »

Found: College Basketball Star Who Vanished 30 Years Ago

Benny 'the Outlaw' Anders discovered by filmmaker in Detroit area

(Newser) - In the 1980s, the University of Houston's Cougars basketball team—aka the Phi Slama Jamas—made their way into three Final Fours. The player described by the Houston Chronicle as "one of the more flamboyant members" has now been found in the Detroit area by a filmmaker, three... More »

Man Says He'll Be Eaten Alive by Anaconda

Paul Rosolie claims he'll journey into the belly of the beast for Discovery Channel

(Newser) - Naturalist Paul Rosolie believes "you have to go head first." What he's referring to is shoving his head into the mouth of an anaconda, letting it swallow him, and filming the experience for a Discovery Channel special called Eaten Alive, reports. According to the... More »

Acclaimed Cinematographer Harris Savides Dead at 55

Hollywood mourns celebrated craftsman

(Newser) - Harris Savides, one of the most acclaimed cinematographers in modern American cinema, has died of brain cancer at the age of 55. Savides, who started out as a fashion photographer, started working in movies in the mid-90s and his gift for bringing an understated beauty to film made him one... More »

Fulbright Scholar Killed Filming Syria Violence

Activist returned to homeland to document uprising

(Newser) - Syracuse University is mourning a graduate film student who returned to his homeland of Syria to document the country's uprising. Bassel Al Shahade, 28, was killed while filming attacks by government forces in the embattled city of Homs, reports the Post-Standard . Associates say Shahade, a Fulbright scholar, was a... More »

Oscar Voters 94% White

Blacks, Latinos, women are minorities in the academy

(Newser) - Who votes for Oscars? The list is kept secret, but an LA Times investigation shows 94% of them are white and 77% are male. Blacks and Latinos each make up only 2%. "We need to do a better job" of diversifying, says a governor at the Academy of Motion... More »

Tommy Director Dead at 84

Ken Russell's wild films stirred 1970s controversy

(Newser) - The Oscar-nominated director of Women in Love and the Who’s Tommy has died at 84. Ken Russell’s often outrageous films provoked controversy into the 1970s; the former film, for instance, featured two male actors wrestling nude. Russell “pushed the barriers completely and got away with it sometimes... More »

Altoona Changes Its Name to ...

'POM Wonderful,' but for Only 60 Days as Part of Documentary Stunt

(Newser) - Altoona, Pennsylvania, is selling its naming rights to a filmmaker with an axe to grind. The city’s new name? “POM Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold.” It's the title of Morgan Spurlock’s documentary—his most famous is Supersize Me—about America’s inescapable advertising, and... More »

Ken Burns Turns Camera Next to Vietnam

10- to 12-hour documentary will air in 2016

(Newser) - Ken Burns' next project will wade into the quagmire known as America's "war of lost illusions:" Vietnam. PBS announced the project, already in production, yesterday, reports Time, and expects to air it in 2016. Burns mentioned a Vietnam project in 2007 when promoting The War, but said he... More »

'Time Traveler' Likely Using Hearing Aid

Rumors of cell-phone use in 1928 film off-base, say experts

(Newser) - A clip of what appears to be a woman chatting on a cell phone—in 1928—has made waves across the Internet, but experts say she’s probably just using a hearing aid. The filmmaker who presented the clip ruled out such a device because of its shape, but... More »

Moviemakers, Beware: Mistake Catchers Are Watching

Website has devoted set of film nitpickers

(Newser) - Rikki Rosen is a 48-year-old mother in St. Louis and the bane of movie script supervisors everywhere. “Sure, a movie can have mistakes,” the No. 2 contributor to the film-gaffe-chronicling site Movie Mistakes tells the Wall Street Journal . “But sometimes it's just one after the other after... More »

Michael Moore to Glenn Beck: F--k Off

And he's tired of Democrats being 'wusses'

(Newser) - Michael Moore has some choice words for Democrats, whom he calls "wusses" in separate interviews, and Glenn Beck. Highlights from his talks with Raw Story and The Young Turks, the latter recounted at the Huffington Post :
  • "You know, I tell you, these Democrats are disgusting. Wimps and wusses
... More »

New Wave Filmmaker Eric Rohmer Dead at 89

Pioneering Frenchman directed 50+ films

(Newser) - Eric Rohmer, a leading light of the French New Wave and a prolific filmmaker for over 4 decades, died today in Paris. He was 89. Overshadowed early in his career by Jean-Luc Godard and François Truffaut, Rohmer made his mark with his "Six Moral Tales," released from... More »

Want Shakespeare-Style Lebowski? You're in Luck

Retelling of Coen brothers cult classic has 'Knave,' not Dude

(Newser) - If “the Dude abides” isn’t Shakespearean enough for you, a young filmmaker has just the thing: Two Gentleman of Lebowski, a script that retells The Big Lebowski in a Bard-like fashion. So, instead of Walter saying the John Turturro character Jesus “served 6 months in Chino for... More »

18 Other Slowpoke Directors

James Cameron's 12-year hiatus before Avatar isn't the first

(Newser) - James Cameron went 12 years between feature films—and other directors have gone even longer, for reasons ranging from hubris to legal problems to, say, Nazi oppression. Slate looks at 18 other filmmakers who took their sweet time:
  • Sylvester Stallone, 21-year gap: Between helming Rocky IV and Rocky Balboa, Stallon
... More »

Lauren Bacall Wins an Oscar

Roger Corman, Gordon Willis, John Calley share the spotlight

(Newser) - A mere 65 years after her unforgettable screen debut, Lauren Bacall has won an Academy Award. The honorary Oscar was a high point of a ceremony last night in Los Angeles that also celebrated the careers of filmmaker Roger Corman, cinematographer Gordon Willis, and producer John Calley. "I can't... More »

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