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Levi, You're the Buffoon of My Dreams

Meghan Daum on why 'Sex on Skates' is an important media figure

(Newser) - Levi Johnston may be an “opportunistic buffoon” and a “grammatically challenged, Playgirl-posing, pistachio-shilling media pawn,” but he’s also a guilty pleasure. He’s hot, he’s cute, and his "unverifiable claims" about Sarah Palin are fascinating, writes Meghan Daum of the Los Angeles Times . Listening... More »

Palin on Fey's Parody: 'I Thought It Was Me'

McCain campaign worried 'SNL' visit could be 'atrocious'

(Newser) - Sarah Palin appeared on Saturday Night Live to "neutralize" the effect of Tina Fey’s scathing impression, the former Alaska governor tells Oprah Winfrey. The campaign was “apprehensive” about having her appear on the show, thinking such an appearance could be "potentially atrocious." But Palin pushed... More »

2 Stories