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How to Be a Good Facebook Friend

Rule No. 1: Respond

(Newser) - Want to avoid losing friends on Facebook? LiveScience offers some tips gleaned from a recent study:
  • Respond to posts: If someone posts on your wall, reciprocate. The study found this to be the single most important factor in a successful Facebook friendship.
  • Cool it with the photos: Don't post
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Everyone Who Unfriended You Hidden Again

Timeline made it easy to see who'd cut you off

(Newser) - If you haven’t done it yet, looks like you’ve missed your window to find out who has unfriended you on Facebook . Last week, a list of friends available in the Timeline profile pages made it clear who had removed you as a friend; they were the ones in... More »

Jimmy Kimmel Pushes Unfriend Day

You don't really have 1,000 friends, he insists

(Newser) - Perhaps you dearly love each and every one of your 600 Facebook friends, but Jimmy Kimmel is pretty sure you don’t. “Remember five years ago when no one had Facebook and you didn't know what the guy you took high school biology with was having for lunch?” he... More »

New App Tells Who Defriended You

iPhone app will keep you up to date on Facebook friends list

(Newser) - Want to know who unfriended you on Facebook? There’s an app for that. Defriended, released in Apple’s app store week, will scan your Facebook friends list, then rescan it each time you open the program, and alert you to any changes. The app will run you 99¢, ABC... More »

'Unfriend' Is Scam, Not Word, of Year

This is one big hacky trend piece, writes Adrian Chen

(Newser) - After "unfriend" won Oxford University Press' Word of the Year, Adrian Chen started typing away at a piece on Internet relationships for Gawker —"Then I realized that the Word of the Year is a huge scam." Here's the evidence: The past four winners have been hypermiling... More »

5 Stories